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I have sent at least 30 of the triathletes that I coach at AASA to see LJ for a bike fit. 

Each one of them could not talk enough about the attention and care LJ took with fitting each one of them. After seeing them before and after the fit on the bike and affirming how much their new bike fit helped them through a before and after power test, I was very confident in continuing to send athletes his way, knowing what a great job he was doing. Can't wait to see him for my bike fit once I get back to racing professionally.

- Natasha van der Merwe

Professional Triathlete, Director of Triathlon at Austin Aquatic and Sports Academy

Lj's complete attention to detail and focus on perfection is hard to duplicate. I met with LJ after carting my bike around the world and having it built and rebuilt. I was experiencing significant shoulder and neck pain on long rides (4+ hours) when I went to see him. Since having my "adjustment" with LJ, I have completed the Triple Bypass ride in Colorado (120 miles / 10k elevation - 8+hours on the bike)- and was THRILLED to have NO PAIN in my neck and shoulders. The ride was a complete joy, with little pain (except for the hills!!)

LJ is an expert in this area - more than that - he is an artist who understands how to marry science and data with "intuitive feel". So lucky to have met this cycling guru! 

- Anissa Buckley, local Athlete

Lj…wanted you to know how pleased I have been with the fitting you recently performed and how much better l have felt since you worked your magic and made the proper corrections and adjustments.  Although my Argon 18 is a bit dated, your knowledge and expertise has made a huge difference in  my confidence and the way l feel on the bike from the tilt of the seat, handle bar positioning and the toe clip adjustments - it all  feels just right LJ.  

Also, l particularly appreciated you taking the time to explain exactly what you were doing and why it was important.  You taught me a lot during our session LJ and  l’ll be spreading the word - you are also one of the most likable people l have ever met.  Thanks again!

- Larry Pino, local Athlete


Hey LJ, just wanted to let you know that the bike fit was well worth it. Feels great, very impressed with your knowledge and experience. Also, the wrist pain and numbness is almost non existent. Thanks again for everything..
- Tad Miller, local Athlete


I’ve gone to LJ to fit 3 bikes (2 road & 1 gravel) and I’ve gained my money’s worth in comfort, speed, and control on all of them. On my most recent fit, I gained 20 watts - just from LJ adjusting my saddle!

LJ is very friendly and makes the entire fit process fun & enjoyable. I’m looking forward to returning for a MTB fit and another chance to hang with the man!

- Eric Luke, local Athlete


Warm ride this morning evaluating my latest bike fit!

Great recent session for another bike fit by the PRO Lj Miller 

He is a miracle worker to be able to make adjustments to my 2022 S-Works Creo SL to accommodate my ancient crooked body! 

Give him a call 949 378 8155. He is in Laguna Beach, California!

- Mark Rocco, local Athlete 


Hi Lj, I did a 60-minute (Peloton) ride on Saturday and felt great! A couple of things I have noticed:

- Foot placement is MUCH better and the pedal stroke seems to be more powerful and available when needed.
- My natural cadence went from 90/91 to 97/98
- My output watts are much more consistent when riding in the power zones.
- Shoulders and neck felt great after the ride compared with how stiff they used to get.
- Quads were definitely less fatigued and it seems feels like I am incorporating my glutes and hamstrings much more efficiently. 

Thanks again! It really made a big difference.

- Rigel Stone, local Athlete (Peloton Stationary Bike)

I recently had a road bike fit session by LJ Miller owner of Miller Bike Fit. I highly recommend any serious bike rider or racer get a bike fit by LJ. The process was run very professional, extremely organized and prepared, well equipped studio, and nothing left unaccounted for. LJ makes sure that both rider and fitter are in total lockstep the entire session. He explains everything in detail and makes sure that you understand what he is doing. He is efficient and respectful of your time without cutting any corners. He is also an experienced rider and racer and understands what the athlete's goal is at whatever level they might ride or race. Needless to say, we made some minor adjustments which immediately had major positive impacts. I left confident that I was going to be faster and more comfortable on my bike. If you want to get better on your bike; get to LJ for a fit!

- Thomas Saeman, local Athlete

I have reached out to Lj now two times to fit myself for two different bikes (road and gravel bikes). Each time, Lj exceeds my expectations!  I can't thank him enough as he has single handedly changed and enhanced cycling and my love for the sport. Lj makes adjustments that I first think "there's no way this is going to feel right" and sure enough his adjustments make it better. 
Thank you Lj!  

- Dominic Riccabona, local Athlete

Lj is the REAL deal.  I have had numerous bike fittings in the past, but none have compared to working with Lj.  He's truly a master at fitting your body to your bike.  I don't think I even realized just how important getting the geometry of your bike to work with your own body type was my first year of riding - but it's critical to get not only the best ride but also the most comfortable positioning to reduce potential injuries.  Lj gets it; can look at you and your body - and just knows.  Even though his mind is always working, he is patient and explains each step along the way.  The fine micro-adjustments he made to my bike during our fit really put his work over the top.  If you're wondering if you need to get a bike fit; the answer is YES; whether you have a road, tri, or mountain bike.   Go see Lj, it will be the best decision you've made and will make riding your bike even more fun!!

- Jennifer Zovath, local Athlete

Lj Miller is one of the top fitters in the country. His firm understanding of biomechanics and how the body integrates with a bicycle sets him apart in the fit industry.

- Jack Murray, Owner, High Five Events

Lj! Thank you for my most amazing ever bike fit you did for me!   I did Steelhead 70.3 on Sunday and posted an 8th overall/5th in AG and top 5 bike split (out of 793 women) earning me a slot to world championships in Australia. Stoked! I owe a big shout-out to you.  Amazing bike fit! Thank you! I killed the bike course because of that fit! Thanks again.

- Jessica Tranchina, Owner/Physical Therapist at Primo Performance & Rehabilitation

Thank you Lj Miller for the recent fit on my race bike. Overall, the experience was just an absolute joy. Your vibe and your expertise are absolutely inspiring. I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to get a fit from you, as well as simply meet you before you head on to Californ-i-a. All in all, you made me feel so, so much faster on the bike, and that's what we all want right?! If you ever get a chance to get a fit from the legend, do it!

- Andy Jobin, Tilt Racing Team

As a decades-long mountain biker who had never had a proper bike fit, I grew increasingly frustrated with the emergence of strange aches pains, and other maladies after rides. I knew something was ‘wrong’ and self-adjustments and YouTube tutorials weren’t helping.  A friend recommended LJ and I finally booked a fitting. Money and time well spent. Lj has a thorough process where he fits all the pieces of the bike fitting puzzle together for a better rider interface with the bike creating a more enjoyable riding experience without all of the issues. 
I love my bike again, thank you LJ

- Brian B, Local Athlete 

Thanks, LJ! Man, I tell you this fit by far exceeded my expectations. The ride felt amazing and I PR’d all the way home which is crazy!! I just followed you on Instagram. I’d love to get a ride in one day, just let me know what’s good for you. Thanks again for everything!!
- Terrell Brown, local Athlete 

Go see this guy! His attention to detail and knowledge base is awesome! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. And it was super fun cause who doesn’t love talking bikes all night! 

- Katy Roper, local Athlete

The level of professionalism, thoroughness and communication is unmatched! I feel an immediate increase in power and comfort. Highly recommended!
- Max Panchuck, local Athlete

Thank you, LJ, for your support and encouragement. You're one hell of a bike fitter--I'm not sure I can even put into words how that fitting changed me, so I'll just leave it at that.

- Tricia Reyes, local Athlete

I decided to see a coach and master fitter (millerbikefit) to help me tune in my bike fits. The last time I was fit was 3 years ago and I am in a totally different level of fitness now. The changes he made on my bike were tiny. 10mm higher saddle, shifted it back by 10mm, rotated my handlebars up by 5mm. My previous constant power load was 275 watts. After the tiny changes, I am pushing 300+ watts.  10% increase in power with centimeters of change.
- Eric Nghiem, local Athlete  

My bike fit experience with LJ was superb.  It was my very first fit and he was super patient with me and thoughtfully answered all my questions.  He spent as much time as it took to get everything just right, even waiting while I went to purchase a new stem.  What a difference! My bike feels so much more comfortable and easy to ride and the numbness I was feeling in my right hand when I rode has not occurred since. Several weeks later he even checked in to make sure I was progressing towards my goals and feeling better on my rides.  It’s obvious he enjoys helping people achieve more riding enjoyment and he is really a master at it. 

- Kelly Corley, local Athlete

Just when I thought I felt good climbing and descending with my SB140 I went ahead and got fitted by MBF, night and day difference on comfort level and climbing power.
Bike feels a lot lighter and I don’t get tired as much and no discomfort at all. I’ve done saddleback peak loops from home (34 miles 6k feet of climbing) and still go ride the next day. Then Lj went ahead and dropped my bars. Oh man! Again, night and day difference on the downhill and the turning! The turning! Just fire!
Getting fitted by Lj is a must when getting a new bike. Thank you so much!

- Bryan Palencia, local Athlete 


Having Lj once again led me to believe that some minor issues I was having when I got a brand-new Trek Domane SL5, after a few rides, could be corrected through a bike fitting. I know Lj was able to correct through a bike fitting. Prior to the fitting, I was uncomfortable riding for long periods while I was dealing pains that I have on both knees. I was experiencing some upper and lower discomfort on longer rides. This was all corrected after the first fitting even changed to old Shimano  XTR pedals. I immediately noticed a difference the first ride, I felt more in control of my bike, I was able to balance and I rode stronger. My fitness and strength improved incredibility. My new position on the bike allowed me to feel more comfortable than ever. It is well worth investing in a good road bike that should get properly fitted. Hearty and highly recommend Master Lj Miller! Thank you so much Lj!
- Local Athlete, Scott Berdy
LJ was recommended to us to help my Son. He was having back pain while racing and under hard efforts. LJ got him in and was very thorough from the initial interview to the adjustments, and there were a lot of adjustments! Best of all it worked! My Son has done 2 races since the fitting and both have been back pain free.
Thank you LJ!
- Randy Charrette 


Well! Got a new bike (SB165) and as soon as it got delivered I was at MBF getting fitted.
I already knew the bike would descend like bat out of hell and I knew it climbed really good for a big bike due to a year ago I double PR willow on the demo bike.
Then I got fitted again by Lj and went to laguna next weekend. Took a year to PR willow again and not by seconds. But by 5 minutes! On the same big bike!
That tells me being fitted will make a huge difference and Lj did an amazing job!
I have ridden in red rock canyon at 4k elevation 3 days in a row with an average of 15 miles each day and 3k feet of climbing and the bike feels like a trail bike.
3 days later I pulled a 27 mile and 3700 feet of climbing ride. Bike felt like my SB140, no discomfort, no weird positions while climbing, no excess effort to climb.
Best investment I have done to my bikes and I cannot wait till I build another new bike and get fitted by Lj! Thank you so much!
- Bryan Palencia, local Athlete  

I've been an avid cyclist for about 30 years mostly as a mountain biker, but I've also had a road bike for many years.  While I don't race, I do ride hard to stay fit and have fun.  With the Covid-19 pandemic in full force in the spring, the mountain bike trails got over crowded and the roads were almost empty so I purchased a new road bike to avoid the crowds.  After riding more than usual and on a new bike I developed some low back pain.  So I sought out a Bike Fit specialist and found Miller Bike Fit in my home town of Laguna Beach.  It was easy to make an appointment and soon after met with Lj Miller for my fit.  I found the experience to be really great.  Lj over delivered.  He was professional yet personal and genuinely cared about my needs.  He was thorough and was great at explaining the process to me.  And what a difference it made.  I am far more comfortable on the bike and my low back feels much better now.  I highly recommend a professional bike fit and Lj Miller is a great choice.
- Brian Wisely, local Athlete
I arrived at LJ’s lovely home in Laguna Beach not having a clue as to what a “Bike Fitting” was, entailed or would actually do for my riding/racing experience and after it was all done only one simple word can describe the entire event, WOW!  To set this up a bit better, LJ was recommended to me by the owner of Laguna Beach Cyclery after I took my new birthday present that I bought for myself “Quintana Roo Tri Bike” to have a Specialized disk wheel installed. I trust Roger (owner of bike shop) so I contacted LJ (actually as fate would have it he walked in as we were discussing a fitting) LJ contacted me after I left the shop and an appointment was made. I arrived with just my bike clothing and shoes and of course bike. LJ took over from there and preceded to make my fitting an experience I will not forget. Measurement after measurement and then riding in his fitting room to “bulletproof” the measurements. LJ even helped me enjoy another way of getting my bike shoes on during transition that was an amazing help, comfort and workable concept. Apx 90 minutes later I left with my bike that was fitted to feel like it was a part of me. LJ made my bad habits on the bike turn towards the positive and he took a really fine bike and helped make it a great bike to compete on. I have run into many people in my life that do what they like for a living and do it well, LJ takes that and steps it up into another area. LJ MILLER has PASSION about his craft and he brings that to the fitting. I walked out so much better for this experience and plan on seeing him every 3-4 months to keep fine tuning my bike and my riding/racing experience. I didn’t mention that I am 73 years old and when I say LJ has passion about his work, I speak from the knowledge that only age can bring concerning real craftsmen. You will never regret the day you have with LJ MILLER. I give him my whole hearted recommendation.

- Terry Davis, local Athlete

Thank you so much for all of your help. This morning's ride was great. to be honest the tires were one of the standout. The roll was amazing and comfortable, Which led up to the stem length and helped me elongate my position which felt comfortable and allowed me to be in multiple positions in more comfort. Hands down the most comfortable on the bike. The new saddle felt great for the first 30 miles, the last few I was getting a bit pain but I know that's also due to the new saddle and new shape. So I know the more I ride I'll get used to it and break in the saddle. 
I also assume all of the new measurements and adjustments you made also combined made the ride awesome! 
The next action item is for me to get my shoes / insoles fit better or get new shoes if I can't get this better. 
Thanks again for all of your help, the ride was great and will get better with more rides and getting used to the saddle and feel. 
I'll absolutely keep you in mind to refer friends and keep you posted with any updates. 
- Dominic Riccabona, local Athlete

It was my very first bike fit after 4.5 years of riding a bike. Amazing experience after he re-configured my bike to fit me. Result far much better than I thought. No more numbness on my toes. Even he emailed me a couple of times to see how I am doing. I must thank Lj for his patients to make things work for me. I’m looking forward to having him again on my next new bike.
- Scott Berdy, local Athlete

I’ve been cycling for nearly three years and didn’t know what I didn’t know.  My philosophy was to push harder, more endorphins = less pain.  I thought that riding a road bike was going to be uncomfortable.  I can thank LJ for changing my attitude.  My bike is more comfortable than ever and my surgically repaired knee never felt better.  Thanks, LJ for asking all the right probing questions and providing me with a custom fit based on my specific needs.

- Jeremy Wilson, local Athlete

One full week worth of training and racing under my belt since getting a bike fit from Lj Miller and I've seen improvement across all facets of my riding. More comfortable riding and huge increases in pedaling efficiency, which only helps with putting out more power for even longer duration. The process was easy and Lj was very open and informative about why we were making the changes we did.

More than highly recommended you'd be foolish not to let Lj help you achieve your best on the bike.

- Brandon McKinney, Tilt Racing Team

I reached out to Lj in regards to my teen son's interest in cyclocross. Not only was Lj prompt in responding, but took my son out for a ride that week! Wow! So impressed by his willingness to share his time and talent with the younger generation! Thank you, Lj!

- Karla Gillan, Mom

Based on personal history, I wasn't entirely confident in the results I'd get at a bike shop where the fitter may or may not have much experience. I was referred to Lj and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a truly custom fit worthy of the pro peloton. The adjustments completely eliminated hand numbness I was experiencing even on short rides, and the center of gravity is now optimal, resulting in much more confident bike handling, and there is no doubt the engine is now putting more power to the wheels.

- Robert Jagitsch, local Athlete

Thanks, Lj for a great bike fit!  I really appreciate the convenient central location, and right at the intersection of 2 major cycling thoroughfares.

Lj made some profound changes in my cleat placement and also a substantial change in saddle position with some change in height as well.  A slight change in bar/hood placement flowed from those changes. On a brisk ride later that evening the bike felt “natural”.  I felt the changes but not as something I was going to need to “work through” or “get used to”.  And I got a Strava KOM on a well-traveled segment!  Cornering also felt more secure.

I did not encounter any discomfort after the ride or the next day.  The next day’s ride also felt great and I did PR another fast segment although I did not feel as though I had given it a great effort. I am really looking forward to my next long ride. I think there will be a big improvement in comfort and efficiency. I can heartily recommend Miller Bike Fit!

- John Handy, local Athlete

HUGE shout out to Lj, after my awesome, detailed, and so professional bike fitting. I went out and did 56 plus miles and it felt GREAT! And I upped my average speed! Before, my lower back was hurting. I was not enjoying my rides. He was so patient with me, he took the time to answer all my questions and made sure my bike was ready for the day I needed it.

It is amazing what a difference the right cleat placement, seat height, and handlebars made in my riding comfort. No wrist, back, or butt pain. I am a complete believer that having the right fit is the most important thing if you want to enjoy riding outdoors. I am ready to get out and tackle some much longer distances.

So glad I met Lj, totally recommend him.

- Ana Alvear, local Athlete

I am writing this note to heartily recommend Lj Miller for your bike fit needs.  I have known Lj for several years, including his time as Director of Sales at Turner Bikes. During that time I got to know him very well, we worked together, traveled and rode bikes together and I came to know that his knowledge of cycling, bicycles, riders and bike fit is extensive. More importantly, is Lj’s incredible attention to
detail, starting with his power of observation and then following thru with the concise process in meeting the needs of a situation. 

Based on my experience with Lj and the skill he possesses in bike fit I truly believe he is an excellent choice in your quest for the perfect fit between you and your bike.

- David Turner, Founder, Turner Bikes Since 1994

Thank you, LJ Miller!  Your ability to custom fit our entire USA Triathlon High-Performance Team is beyond words.  Every athlete has said that their bikes fit perfectly and this is hands down the best they have felt on their bikes.  As a coach, I have noticed significant power increases on every athlete during our last functional power test; in addition, we have had zero issues or complaints about how they feel on the bike.  We have done long rides with no athlete complaining about lower back pain, something that used to be the norm. Thanks again, you are the absolute go-to-guy for bike fits for T3Multisports!

- Boris G. Robinson, Owner/Director T3Multisports, LLC

When grams and $10K bikes matter, fit matters more. I was in search of the most powerful and efficient bike position for competitive reasons. I'm not new to bike fits so I figured I was already pretty close to where I should be. After watching me on the trainer, Lj was able to confidently point out a few areas of power loss and pressure points. Lj adjusted my cleats, stem, and saddle position. My power to the pedals has increased but more than that, I'm much more comfortable on the bike. I wasn't aware that I was previously uncomfortable but apparently I was. The slight numbness in my hands and the slight ache in my lower back has substantially subsided. Honestly, this is some of the best money you can spend on your bike.

- Andy Pell, Team Cycle Progression

Coming from a sports background, I know the feel of your equipment is very important. No matter if its a glove, bat, or the baseball in my case. In cycling, it is no different and maybe even more important. Something I really knew little about at the time I met Lj Miller. I was just looking to change my cleats from Speedplay to Shimano. Lj wouldn't just let me purchase them, but rather he requested that I bring my shoes and bike in so that he could make sure it was set up properly. He could have just sold me the cleats and sent me on my way. Instead, I got to learn about the set up of my bike from someone who is certified for fitting. Lj took his time and explained to me how to install the cleats properly and why the alignment is so important. I thought my position on the bike was comfortable before and worked just fine. What Lj did was put me in tune with my bike and made my rides much smoother than they have ever been before. By far a bike fit from Lj is one of the best things I have done to improve my riding. Thanks, Lj!

- Darrell May, Former MLB player, member of Moxie Multisports

Awesome fit which increased comfort, power and helped me to achieve my goals after an injury. Thank you!  I saw LJ Miller in Spring 2015 after recovering from a fractured pelvis, caused by a crash in a national calendar criterium from the previous season. I’ve been lucky enough in the past to receive support from teams to work with great fitters and fine-tune my position on the bike. Unfortunately, I struggled with lower back pain after the injury and just didn’t feel as comfortable on the bike while training and racing. LJ analyzed my current position and took a patient look at my muscular movement. We adopted changes and adjusted the bike position specifically to my needs. In addition to a power increase, I felt very comfortable on the bike again and was able to focus on pain-free training and racing again. Thanks again LJ, I absolutely recommend you for any recreational or performance-oriented cyclist, who wants to improve their riding experience!

- Stephan Hirsch, Professional cyclist, Team Arapahoe Resources

LJ Miller is a tremendously talented fitter whose approach to both the art and science of bike fitting made it such that my bike (Giant Propel) works perfectly for me.  He is exceedingly knowledgeable, very attentive to every detail of proper bike fit, and takes the time to explain things to the customer.  LJ's advice is objective and always very well thought out.  On top of all that, he is a really nice guy.  I couldn't recommend him more highly.

- Jurgen Gruber, Voodoo Racing Team

After several years of back pain, I was diagnosed with bulging and herniated discs in my thoracic spine. Riding my bike was very uncomfortable to painful. I went to Lj Miller for a bike fit. I booked a 1-hour fit. During the hour, Lj was able to look at my position on the bike and determined what adjustments needed to be made. After the tweaks and adjustments, I was finally in a comfortable position. Lj even looked at my bike shoes and made a few adjustments to my cleats so that I would get the most power from each pedal stroke. After many, many rides...I still have no pain when riding my bike or after my rides. It is amazing what Lj can do in an hour. Lj is the only person that I trust to do a bike fit now.

- Nancy Edmonds, local Athlete

As a newcomer to the TT bike, I wasn't sure what to expect when being fitted. Right away Lj made me realize I was in good hands. He took his time, asked a ton of questions, made detailed notes, and even stayed after-hours to make sure I was 100% happy with the way my bike felt. It's the kind of service and attention to detail you hear about on Yelp but seldom get yourself. Lj is one of a kind and the best in the business. Every fit is different. If you want yours done right the first time at a great price, he's your man. It will change the way you see your bike.

- Todd Sapio, Instructor & Ride Indoor Cycling

Last summer after getting a Focus Cayo road bike, I went over and visited my friend Lj Miller for a bicycle fit. The first thing Lj asked me was the type of riding I was planning to do and what were my racing plans. He proceeded to take different measurements on and off of the bike. Lj asked me if I noticed any sort of discomfort while riding. He proceeded to observe my handlebar reach while pedaling at an easy, steady tempo. After taking some additional notes and measurements, Lj adjusted the handlebar by a few degrees, just to make riding more efficient without sacrificing the right body position. Lj also adjusted the seat height in two settings to make sure every aspect of my pedaling dynamics and bicycle geometry were one synchronized, effortless movement whether pedaling at an easy tempo or full force. The detail Lj devoted to my bicycle fit has been totally worth it. I want to share it with those who may be wondering if there is a science to it, or if it would be worth it to have their bicycle fit professionally. Lj Miller is a man who knows what he is doing when it comes to having your bike fit. Whether you are a novice rider or an advanced one...the wisest part of riding your bicycle is having it properly fitted to your riding style and needs. Thanks, Lj.

- Fabio Santos, local Athlete

I want to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to Lj Miller. I was delighted with the work of Lj Miller. What he did to my bike, WOW. He fit that bike like a glove to a hand. Not only the work on the bike, but the communication between him and his customers is incredible. I can say this, I left from my appointment with a great bike fit but I also left knowing that he is a good person and a better friend. I highly recommend his services for anyone who wants to get a bike fit. For me, he is the best. Thanks Lj.

- Javier Fuentes, local Athlete

Got a bike fit from Lj Miller this morning. This dude is the REAL DEAL. Seriously, such a great guy and so amazing at what he does. I wanted to make sure I am riding as comfortable as possible on Kristien and my Hill Country bike trip next month! booYAH! I seriously feel like I am riding on a new bike (one that was built for me). If you want this guy's info, just holler at me. If you are a commuter, roadie, MTB fool, or whatevs, Lj is da man.

- Barrett Raven, local Athlete

Thank you for a great experience! While bike fits are necessary and the process can be very informative, making the appointment can be a "bottom feeder" of one's to-do list. However, you made the experience interesting and enjoyable. From the setting of the appointment to the impeccable clean and organized workspace to the methodical system you used, I was impressed start to finish. I look forward to "riding" my new fit and enjoying every minute!

- Lucy Needham, local Athlete

Had my first bike fit done today!! Didn't know what to expect !! This gentleman, Mr Lj Miller, was absolutely awesome, the level of knowledge was incredible. Took a bunch of measurements, made me ride a bunch, position 1, position 2, back and forth. After all, was done and he made all the adjustments, back on the saddle, and wow what a difference a few mm can make!! Highly recommend having your bike fit with him.

- Marco Borghi, local Athlete

Highly Recommended!

Some people work just for the money; LJ obviously works from a passion to help other riders. I feel like my time with LJ was educational, informative, and will pay large dividends on the road. I'd highly recommend him if you are needing to get your bike fitted.

- Dan Alvarez,  local Athlete

There are plenty of fitters in the market but you will not find a business that adds more value than Miller Bike Fit. We have all read the article headlines about how you need to make the investment in getting a professional fit, but to tell you the truth, I never believed it… until I met LJ on a local bike shop ride and he saw some areas that could improve my comfort, performance, and well-being. You can read some of the other great testimonials proving his expertise [which is thoroughly impressive] but what you might miss is LJ’s love of two wheels, whether mountain biking, road, cross, town-cruiser, this guy gets excited to see other people on bikes. Hands-down the business to go to when doing your annual bike fit, buying a new bike, or new-to-you bike.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and decide on the Advanced Fit. The flexibility testing and muscular roll-out that come with the Advanced service are simple movements that you can take with you forever. 

- Edward Pike, local Athlete

Lj’s bike fit was spot on! His ability to communicate and educate while providing useful tips and suggestions from my bike shoe to head and hand positioning was very helpful. His professionalism and focus during our time spent tweaking my position provided a much better and improved upon ride allow me to achieve additional wattage/power having ridden over 100 miles within a week of the bike fit. A big thank you Lj., I look forward to riding road & mountain soon. 

- Frank Hartmann (Chicago Frank), local Athlete

I've been cycling on my bike for 5 years without ever having a proper fitting.  The first ride after the fit was bitter-sweet; bitter in that it highlighted what I was missing during that entire time, yet sweet in that the movement felt more natural than I've ever felt on a bike.  The minor adjustments resulted in a drastic improvement in my comfort and feel on the bike.  I highly recommend LJ's fitting services.  Once you step inside, he's fully dedicated to your fitting; there are no distractions with other customers or no products to push.  He makes you feel comfortable and definitely no pressure.

- Riccardo Silini, local Athlete

Don't want to jinx myself  but had no lower back pain on a 56-mile ride this morning and had my best sprint into Elgin this morning than I've ever had    THANKS !!!!!

- Daniel Barrera, local Athlete

I couldn't be happier with my experience with LJ.

Since I ride a single-speed track bike, and I'm not a competitive athlete, I wasn't even sure I needed a bike fit. I knew LJ from some local group rides, and I'd heard really good things about him. Out of curiosity, I asked if he thought he could improve my riding. He very confidently said yes, so I set up an appointment.

My bike always felt ok to me, but I wondered if it could be better. Immediately after my fitting, my bike felt considerably better! My first impression was that bike actually felt lighter and more stable. I had some concerns about too much pressure on my wrists, but changing my center of gravity completely fixed that. LJ also took into account that I have asthma, and made adjustments to my riding position so that my airways would be more open.

One thing that surprised me is that LJ noticed that I was not flexing my feet fully, and actually had knots in the muscles above my ankles. I consider myself to be very flexible so this was really good information. He did a little trigger point therapy on me and showed me how I could loosen up these spots in the future.

Though I already ride 200+ miles a week, I’m excited about riding even more and riding stronger. Regardless of the brutal Texas summer heat that has just begun. Thanks LJ!!

- Ed Lehmann, local Athlete

Working with Lj was an amazing experience. I really appreciated his interview process. He did a thorough job and took care and time to assess my current set up, riding preferences, and past injuries. We made some good adjustments and I can definitely tell the difference on the road. Its kind of like going from a Taurus to a Jet engine!. I’d highly recommend LJs services for anyone wanting a custom, detail-driven bike fit or experiencing weird numbness when riding.

- Diana Gerson, local Athlete

Thanks to Lj Miller for fitting me to my new mountain bike! Rode it for the first time in Santa Fe and the fit was perfectly dialed-in.

- Andrew Callan, local Athlete

I had a great experience working with Lj. After my fit I noticed a drastic difference in comfort and performance gains. The entire process was comprehensive and left me feeling confident. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend him anyone looking to reexamine their current fit. He is very knowledgeable and offers an excellent value for his service.

-  Vito Pascolla, Tilt Racing Team

Thank you so much for the amazing fit! Despite seemingly minor tweaks to the overall set-up, I see and feel an absolute difference in my power and comfort on the bike. My pedal stroke feels more efficient and I'm able to maintain comfort in the drops for an entire crit. 
I can't wait for another few weeks of breaking in to see the full realization of the changes.

- Drew Wiechnicki, Tilt Racing Team

Thank you for taking the time to "fit" me in last week. The bike fit process was easy and informative and I believe its just what I need to increase overall power as well as minimizing risk of injury. I appreciate your time and willingness to help.

- Ray Figurella (clydesdale cycling extraordinaire) 

Thank you again for your time, and your patience Lj. I’ll keep referring people. Thanks for being so thorough.
- Brooke McClendon, Local Athlete

Thank you so much for this Lj. I can't wait to ride my bike. You are extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate you sharing all the tips with me. Always good to see you.

- Tasja Hwong, Local Athlete

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