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About Lj

Born and raised in Washington DC. Lj was brought up to be a competitor who strives for excellence in all endeavors. 

Lj is well-traveled and has been selected by Shimano for the North American tour of Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Lj holds 2 B.A. degrees in Business and English.


With 20 plus years in the cycling industry, Lj has held Sales Management and Director of Education positions at both the retail and corporate levels. He has also held International Sales and Global Sales positions with 3 different cycling industry companies.


Lj has been published in Bicycle Retailer, Bike Magazine, and Mountain Bike Magazine. He was also featured in the Austin Fitness Magazine.

Lj has a natural gift for fitting cyclists. He is able to produce a synergistic relationship between the rider and their bicycle. His ultimate goal is for the rider to produce more power with less effort by increasing comfort and efficiency.


He carries certifications from three bicycle fitting schools as well as certifications from the United Bicycle Institute and Barnett Bicycle Institute. He is an educator who inspires and empowers. 


Lj competes in both mountain and cyclocross disciplines and does some of his training on his road bike. He has been a top finisher in both the California and Texas State MTB Series. In 2019, he won the California State Mountain Bike Championship Race Series.

Lj has a great deal of cycling experience. He understands the meaning of discipline and hard work. More importantly, he appreciates how fulfilling it is to help others.

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The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."

~ Marcus Aurelius


  • Specialized University Master's Program 2D/3D Fit Certification

  • TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Fit Certification

  • Trek University Fit Certification

  • United Bicycle Institute Certification 

  • Barnett Bicycle Institute Certification

  • Professional Certified Bicycle Fitter experienced in Serotta, Fit Kit, Retul and F.I.S.T., specializing in Road, Triathlon, Time Trial, MTB and Cyclocross fit positions.

  • Lj has fit the Mayor of Austin, the Governor of Texas, the City of Austin Bike Police and many other Professional Athletes, Intermediates, Junior Riders, and Beginners alike.

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